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Dinostrofic Mission.

It has come to my attention that I don't watch enough television.

Post Pandemic, or at least post the worst of it. To be honest, how would you know, if you don't watch enough television? During my latest experience of hybrid working, where my social skills weren't criticised (it seems I can still carry off 'I'm human'), I did feel a little left out. The young or younger love television. Particularly series' or multiple part dramas.

Harking back to an age where there were four channels, obviously the Beeb (One and Two), ITV or Granada (it was a mishmash kind of originally) and the controversial Channel Four born of a collective of people who would commission works to air. Dinostrofically I can remember shows such as 'The Old Grey Whistle Test', 'Spitting Image' and 'Top of the Pops' where there wasn't really a sea of choices or tangents explored. Human though, it didn't seem all that much different, there were still dramas based on the minds or actions of serial killers like 'Dahmer' for example.

Why is it that I can only seem to bear 40 mins at a time? With not much enthusiasm to pick up where I left off. Is it the story? That twists and turns, who done it? I really don't know why watching television stresses me out, why I feel pressured when watching it.

Is it that I have spent some time working in the media. That I have worked on big productions or movies, then been to see them not knowing what to expect having worked on shots without knowing what was in the script. That I might have associated feelings about how I was treated on set or the experience I had working in the studio at my desk. Surely not, as most of the time it was enjoyable, I am believe it or not quite a positive person.

Could it be that watching Television is a team sport? As a family we used to love watching television as a group. I distinctly remember absolutely revelling in 'X Factor' one year whilst living in a Flat with two other adults of a similar age, who were in fact very like minded. We would shout and root for our favourite singer, especially if they were shy or underneath all their nervousness a lovely person. Living on my own watching Television often feels like quite a brave thing to do these days.

Given the choice what would it be that I would like to watch? Strangely so, a recent encounter with an Xbox player who was talented at 'Skyrim', again reminded me of the experience of the 'X Factor'. I liked the person who had a knowledge of Valhallan culture being partially Danish, we would wake up and drowsily browse around solitude picking flowers for potions deciding what adventures to go on, later in the day getting in a battle with dragons and other pixies, witches, warlocks etc. Aided with some marijuana, only for a short time before we both decided it was best to part ways, it was one of the funniest newer or more modern experiences I've had yet. But no, originally I myself have been interested in dragons, witches and warlocks; writing academic papers on the subject of mythical ancient times. So this was kind of a more chilled out interactive extension of my own interest.

Conclusively there seems to be initially the fear of watching anything Live or on terrestrial television watched by people in the nation all at the same time. Hence a dart for Netflix. Where begrudgingly you would then have to choose 'something'. Being a cultured, educated and not a TWISTED person there would be some avoidance of certain programmes. Alone, then NOT anything lesbian, God forbid and 'Ohh' 'sigh', I have tried on the movie front of liberatingly modern promotional homosexual films. Gees, my whole family has; bumping into an aunt and uncle at the cinema who supportive of myself I hope had to endure Julianne Moore eventually being shafted, much to her own joy after feeling slightly depraved. So then, no. Also from personal experience of life, lesbianism sounds great but in practice can be somewhat challenging. Series', steer away... a movie, favourite actors and actresses. A good tactic after the previous repressive avoidances. Whatever it is, after the stress of finally finding 'something' 40 mins in, right! The ultimate question rings out in your mind, 'Is it good or bad?' Disappointing? Too rich, you need time to reflect? Convincing? Maybe you're just overthinking this? Why??? I just can't bear it!!! Nooo!!!

As a Visual Effects Artist 'Love Death and Robots' has been a brilliant solution. If only there was more of that. A great use of Unreal Engine. You can see where I am going here... Honing ones creative eye and merging work with your own spare time, I must learn to enjoy Television on my own. I will do it. It's a mission. What doyouthinkysaur?


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