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The Zooped Up Chav Flat Project Developments...

Here is a recent video of my zooped up chav flat project. It was made before my new housemate moved in. So this blog is a WIP of all the things needed before completion of the project! The last big works were the painting of the whole Flat and almost completion of the Bathroom; including re-plumbing of new taps.

Most recently I've taken on a housemate again after two years living alone.

The Fridge Freezer debacle is finally over! With two call outs from D&G where the engineer made the wrong diagnosis and should have just written off our old Fridge Freezer and given us the money for a new one, was remedied by mum. She called out an independent engineer who stated we should get a new Fridge so made the investment for us. After complaining to D&G they gave us a refund and cancelled our contract, this refund went towards food and helped us to stock up after we went for 3 - 4 weeks with no Fridge. The new Fridge Freezer that mum bought is by Beko like all my other appliances; it looks great and is working correctly! White makes the kitchen feel more spacious as the kitchen paint is also white.

Here is the new updated list; mum said she might be able to help with new bedroom blinds for my Birthday on the 23rd June 2024. So the next items I will buy are the curtains and roller blinds from Orla Kierly. See montage below.

My ex housemate and now best friend Iveta has also been amazingly lovely and thought it was crazy to buy a new shower head and hose pipe, so last weekend we cleaned loads of mould off the grouting and shower; then re-grouted. I can't even afford to buy a new shower curtain and like the current one, so I chucked that in the washing machine, it looks great. The only thing on the list that remains for the bathroom is now a new waste plug for the basin; which is a plumbing issue that will be remedied when I have money and get a new kitchen sink and taps... Past work that has been done to this is new bathroom furniture & cabinet, painting with mould repellant paint and new taps bought and plumbed in! Here is the bathroom looking clean and mould free:

These new curtains are for the living room (the new design and colour suit the feature wall colour in the hallway better) where as the roller blinds I want for the kitchen:

Here are some pictures of the two bedrooms, mine is the double and my Flatmate has taken the single room. As you will see from the list we need new wardrobe doors, so I didn't paint the old ones. The bedroom blinds might be remedied this summer for my Birthday!

I have made a couple of purchases seeing as I need a bookshelf for my room, due to the reshuffle (a housemate) and a lamp for the living room as the main light keeps flickering. I've had an electrician look at but it can't be fixed, it must be the switch! The bookshelf which I have put at the end of my double bed houses all the books from my hallway. Here you can see pictures of the result! I made the purchases with a small holding fee for the room.

The order of the list that remains is correct, so next after the curtains and big blinds are the wardrobe doors. They will have a base coat so will need painting, luckily I have some left over from the woodwork painting. The doors come with all the kit needed to hang them, so Paul Snr. could do it!

The Sofa's are still not axed from the plan, there were some talks over second hand furniture but Iveta thinks I should go for new as we have staked them out and done the research. At the moment it's a bit of a pipe dream though.

I don't want shutters anymore I don't think, so I'll just replace the broken blinds in the big bedroom.

The new lamp has arrived which you can see below; here is the living room and kitchen as it currently stands!


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