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Conquering NYC together JIL's girlfriend Besties have been super united. Jameela, Iveta and Luan have been and will be seen out together. As we aren't old and boring...

Our next venture is Iveta's Birthday at a exclusive Jazz Venue soon...

I do have other friends but these two are the most sociable with me, so that's why I wanted to blog them on my website!

Jameela being a Social Media Journalist (not really a Louis Lane to me though as I was always more of a Batman fan) makes up for my exit from FB & Insta. Iveta works in Travel, so is really good with our holidays but is doing a Management Course so she can become more executive.

Next it's my Birthday so we are going to a party in Battersea Park where I lived for a short time with Desmond & Thikra (big fans of Pop Idol on TV). I did see that 'The Chems' have a gig in London though so bought tickets via Klarna!

Chatham Kent 'The 80's'


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