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Past Material

September 2016

In the seven year period after graduating from BU I worked at top Visual Effects Companies in London. Here features the shows I worked on at MPC, Milk, Cinesite & DNEG.


Since I have worked on more shows from 2020 to present, I am waiting for the new material after release of the films.

January 2013

This is a fun mashup of some of the work I did at DNEG.

Persephonê NCCA BU 2009 - 2010

This is my favourite NCCA project as we worked in a group of four women from MADE with some guys from the MSC.


The project is about the Greek Godess Persephonê who spent half the year in Hell and half in Heaven.

Film & Television Freelance Training - FT2 (Entrance Requirement; for Interview) 2001

This is a photography project I Directed with Photographer Matt Joyce and Actress Sarah Gabiali friends from growing up.

It was fashioned on the film 'La Jette', and shot on the tube around Brixton.

Gaining entrance to the course I then worked as a Camera Assistant on set for two years.

Pix Cell (University of Portsmouth) 1997 - 2000

This is my 'pièce de résistance' from my first art degree in Portsmouth. There are other Art works on my Vimeo page, take a look!

I chose 'the media' after A Level because I thought I could make more of a living from it than being a classic Artist.

Cheers to my first Art teacher 'Mrs Runette' for giving me a huge break with my Art grade of A* at GCSE.  Also thanks to all the girls in my class at 'Notre Dame Senior' for allowing me a cubical after swimming classes before our Art class. So that I didn't feel damp whilst being creative!

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