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Work Experience

Sep 2021 - Present

Sep 2017 - Aug 2020

Jan 2008 - Aug 2017

Mar 2006 - Nov 2006

Aug 2001 - Oct 2004

Jun 2000 - Dec 2000

Freelance Hybrid (London) Online Compositor

Currently I am working as a Mid Level Compositor hybrid and online in or around London.  Please see LinkedIn for a full list of all the companies I have worked for, the link is below in the social media bar.

PTHP Compositing Lecturer (Bournemouth University)

In 2017 I was given the opportunity to teach on the MA course I took in 2009 MADE, working as a Part Time Lecturer these were the units I worked on as well as completing a second Master's Degree in Pedagogy:

CAEF Common Lecture
Field Trip Supervision (DE Nucleus)
Acquisition Training Days Supervision (DE Tools & DE Techniques)
Nuke Lectures (DE Tools & DE Techniques)
Individual Assessment Tutorials (DE Nucleus, DE Tools, DE Techniques & Masters Project)
Assessment & Evaluation Marking (DE Nucleus, DE Techniques & Masters Project)
Nuke Surgery (DE Nucleus, DE Tools, DE Techniques, & Masters Project)
Evaluation Feedback from Teaching and Assessment Tutorials
Group Critique Supervision (DE Techniques)
Proposal Presentations (Masters Project)
MADE Improvement & Evaluation Meetings

Freelance Compositor (London)

Rotoscoping to Junior Compositing in London I worked at top Visual Effects Post Production companies taking a break to complete a Master's Degree in Digital Effects at Bournemouth University.  Double Negative was my longest contract going on to Framestore, Cinesite & Milk etc. 

Visual Effects Assistant

Whilst working for one year in an Animation company in Northampton named RJDM I was introduced to Compositing where I decided that was my main career goal.  Leaving the company I managed to gain some experience on set as a Visual Effects Assistant at Shepperton Studios and Pinewood on 'Eragon' and 'The Golden Compass'.  As a VFX Assistant at the heart of the productions I worked with the team in the Previs Department editing together small animations, I also took care of minor production needs especially if they were technical. Basic running duties were also part of this job.

Camera Assistant

Having gained an apprenticeship with Film & Television Freelance Training a course run by Screenskills I worked on many TV & Film Productions as a Camera Assistant.  On set I was able to load film into the cameras and can the rolls as well as help run the floor, the monitor for the Director and crew was also a big responsibility.  

Post Production Runner

Working at Bravo Post in London my first position as a Runner after leaving University in Portsmouth duties included looking after the staff by supplying lunch and refreshments, running tapes around to other facilities and helping in the tape machine room.  In addition I learned a bit about Editing and Compositing. 


Sep 2018 -  Mar 2020

Sep 2009 - Sep 2010

Sep 2001 - Sep 2003

Sep  1997 - Jun 2000

Bournemouth University | Master’s Degree

PGCE Pedagogy (Pass)

Bournemouth University | Master's Degree

MADE Master of Arts Digital Effects (Merit)

Screenskills FT2 (Film & Television Freelance Training)

NVQ Level 2 (Camera Assisting)

University of Portsmouth | Bachelor's Degree

Bachelor of the Arts Media Arts (Moving Image)

Skills & Expertise

​Rotoscoping & Compositing Software:

  • Nuke 

  • Mocha

  • PF Track

  • Silhouette FX

  • Photoshop

  • Final Cut Pro

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