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What Kind of Jail Bird Convict/ Criminal Would You Make?

I've taken to calling my mum Skibedee after deciding she would make one of those Jailbirds that would fairylee skip past your cell door and peer in inquisitively (probably on opiates). Once a Lodger who stayed with us one of mum's work colleagues got busted for cooking the books and had to do a stint, she gifted me with a skunk bagee at college whilst she was with us (that was rare at that time). She did outline some of the stereotypical Jailbird characters.

I myself would probably be more of a slow thug cuddly kind of character. Moody and one people didn't really threaten all that often. Protective of women but who probably just would get manipulated by both genders.

I might add to this post later comparing people to stereotypical characters like this, I love this album and the 'Birds of Prey' movie I have just purchased.

I probably won't get tattoos as it's less common to not have them, but I do dream that some day I should have a Dragon spiralling round my right arm and a Phoenix round my left. My mum's name in Chinese means Phoenix 'Hong' and 'Luan' apparently means a mythical bird that is related to the Phoenix. But in Irish Luan can just mean Monday! Or moon?

If my sister were a Jailbird I would name her 'Big Time Sensuality', this doesn't really hark at the Bjork video; it is more of a description of her character.

Here you can see us together. The muscles and brawn really is on my side even though my head is huge and my sister definitely is the brains.

I can't think of a thug name for myself yet. Maybe just 'Lu' is enough after all my infamy.

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