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The Shawshank Sustainable Zooped Up Chav Flat Project!

Yes!!! ๐Ÿ™Œ All the painting is done โœ”๏ธ

I even managed to get a quick drink in with Ashy Larry Friday night ๐Ÿ˜† He is still coming to stay on the 15th October for 10 days!!!

The carpets are to be deep cleaned on the 7th October, I've booked it and paid the deposit!

One more last paycheque from the last company I worked for then ermm I'll need to find a Compositing gig ๐Ÿ˜ฌ

Maybe I'll do another walk through after the carpets are cleaned in the daylight!

The Volt Gig1 Fibre Broadband has been installed and the old box returned to Virgin Media:

Here is the updated list:

There's an update on the Loaf Sofas! Iveta and I went to look at the fabrics; brushed cotton is still ok... I don't need a clever fabric as I don't have kids or animals so the sofas don't need extra protection. 'Lido' for me is a rubbish colour, so I prefer 'Pond Skimmer', that'll be the more greenish colour. 'Rusted Roller' is still ok for the Berlin chair and there might as well be a 'Lemon Drizzle' foot stool...

At Loaf you can only make 3 payments via Klarna, so January discounted sales is kind of an option, there is 5% off apparently. I still owe ยฃ3000 to my ex Step Dad... So if I can get a job or contract this would be my next purchase to think about.

Here you can also see projections for my new built in wardrobe doors from door deals plus all the ideas for my new purchases.

I've spoken with mum about the shutters, she did want to help invest in a new second hand car for me. But I explained I would rather make a car purchase myself and invest in my first brand new car a Mini Cooper! So she said she will think about it, but did agree she rather loves her shutters that she has in her home. Below you can see what shutters look like; if we do go for them they will have to be fitted across all the windows and perhaps then just curtains for the big patio doors with the Juliet Balcony!

Well the Bathroom is almost finished all that remains is a Basin Waste Plug, which I think I'll get installed when I get a new kitchen sink.

Here you can see all the painting for the study/ studio is complete:

Here you can see all the painting for the Living Room is complete:

Here you can see all the painting for my Bedroom is complete:

Here you can see all the painting for the Hallway is complete:

Developments in the Chav Flat project include oil filled wall mounted radiators with digital timers.

In addition to a new fuse box. Mum and Paul totally paid for this as they know good electricians for other properties and it cost a fortune. Actually whilst they were here I found out that all my electric circuits have no joins so the circuits are pretty safe.

This is the setup before I started working on the Flat.

I've also sold the family diesel car, this was a huge stressor over Christmas 2022. It cost a fortune to fix before it was sold, but it could have cost way more money in the future. Owning a diesel car isn't really good in the long run anyway.

After I have finished the Zooped Up Chav Flat project I am hoping to get a new car on finance. It would be my first brand new car ever! I'm thinking of a new Mini Cooper, I like the fact that the engines are made by BMW which is German and Kick Ass. All the people I know who own a Mini are stoaked with them.

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