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Social Media, Peace Out.

Trouble. After blazing a trail through social media, crashing and burning with my direct thoughts and insecurities I thought it then might be good to try something a little more civilised as an outlet. Academically gifted to a degree, maybe it would be more constructive to see what it was I was putting out there via the written word as opposed to some rushed video blog where it was definitely me expressing phrases like 'I really hope I'm not fired' or 'I would really love a spliff right now'.

Departing from Facebook and Instagram isn't that much of a hassle for me, I will miss the visual instant disposable creative works aided by filters, animations and special effects. But there is only so much you can do with ones own image before everyone gets sick of seeing you. So why not leave that to personal experience one to one or indeed in a group. Just as a surprise, in the following weeks and months I am planing on loosing a little weight anyway.

At forty three, I really think those platforms weren't really what was best for me, as I didn't really surf around much on other peoples pages, slightly paranoid at big brother keeping an eye on what I was looking at. So, I pretty much just used social media as a way of letting my family and friends know what I was up to, and so on day to day. Less is more, so here begins my bloggin' it pages, yay!

Tomorrow morning I will be making my way to NYC. Being on social media and posting whilst sightseeing also isn't a good idea, so maybe I'll write a few blogs or make some posts with pictures upon my return.

I really don't think I have a huge following on the tinternet, or stalkers; not wanting to offend if you are. Welcome. Yep, here's me in a slightly different format yet again!

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