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Petrified and Forced to Step Out From Behind the Post (2006/7)

VFX Runner on the original 'The Golden Compass' I worked on the production for a number of months. Desperate to get a Rotoscoping job I then went on to Escape Studios where I Roto'ed on 'The Dark Knight'. As a consequence of being young and my own hedonistic youth then became unwell, funnily enough I now 'hear voices' which is ironic seeing as I made the move to computers where I imagined it would be more peaceful, lol! Obviously an assumption which I was told in Film was 'the motherfucker of all mistakes'. Since I have been quite open about my personal status as a struggling Lesbian/ Mental Illness supporter.

Small beginnings or controversial considering the botched ending due to Catholic Church objections, lol! Being half Irish and Roman Catholic myself; at that point already having some personal dealings with the IRA (on the victims side), I didn't really think about at that young age how serious the world actually is. Really disastrously like Forest Gump I don't want to talk about some other stuff... Incase of the Impact it might have, lol! As well as the now International Worldwide Pandemic, eek... There's probably other stuff, anyway...

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