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Eventually I have purchased all of my new footwear! The sneakers should last at least a year as I will wear them everyday! The Birkenstocks will last a lifetime and the these running shoes I purchased ages ago when I re-entered the media Industry again.

I have paid off my Chems tickets on Klarna and look forward to taking friend with me in November!

Proud of my DOB which is one year off the eighties, Thank God what a stinker of a decade! Also 1979 was a nice song by 'The Smashing Pumpkins', lovely.

I've planned drinks with mates on the Friday, still in talks... A nice Surrey pub lunch with my two girlfriends Jams and Iveta; then tickets to 'The Chems' as a treat to myself... Who comes along to that is still being debated.

I was asked to pick out some shoes, again the same Onitsuka Tigers and I tried for new Birkenstocks... Both were rejected as the Onitsukas were too expensive and the Birkenstocks were the same being that they were the latest style. So what I'll probably do is get a contribution toward them and buy both after I get some more funds!

Here is my latest not that enthusiastic music video! I won't do this much for much longer as I'm really getting sick of this now...

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